UHURU should stop behaving like a fool, he should learn from MAGUFULI - KALONZO says

... has committed himself to fight graft because that is the problem in many of the African countries.

“We commend him, we hope he can come around and help us in Kenya for two months,” Kalonzo said.

The former VP urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop behaving like a fool and emulate Magufuli in wiping corruption and tribalism from his Government.

“To slay the ghost of tribalism, beautiful deeds such as these must be encouraged, as leaders we should borrow a leave from these young ones and embrace each other as Kenyans and East Africans,” he said.


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  1. First find out what is happening in Tz before you open your mouth.

  2. Kalaonzo should not talk about the corruption in Kenya because he is lso the father of corruption NYS shamba in Yatta in his hand yet Uhuru was not in the government .SHAMBA IN yATTA IN HIS HANDS YET UHURU THAT HE WAS NOT IN THE GOVERNMENT.rEMOVE

    Kalonzo should be quiet about corruption because he is the father of corruption .NYS in Yatta is in his hand .Remove the speck in your eyes before removing of others.

  3. kalonzo canfollow the bride to tz and stop complaining of the corruption he started in the country.for almost 30yrs he has been in the gvt what fight can he show against corruption that he ever started.if anything he has been abetting the vice ever since he joined politics.now he is complaining and blaming uhuru simply becoz he doesnt have a place to deep his dirty hands.

  4. Anon 08:07 Wewe ni mjinga. Kama Kalonzo aliiba mashamba ya NYS, mbona Uhuru na serikari yake wasi mupeleke kotini.

    Ndio maana Kalonzo anasema Uhuru ni mjinga.

  5. Poor Kalonzo the Special Gay On Duty, Who's pockets are filled with Corruption money since day one in All Governments she had been working for.

    Attacking Uhuru ni wivu wa kike tu. Tofuta mwengine kama Wetangula with BAT, Kenya Embassy - Tokyo, Etc. Na mume wake Kalonzo Raila's baggs of citizen's money _ from handouts, blackmailing, thieving, etc.

    Madam steve kalonzo hatta haya huna . . ?

  6. These guys condemning Kalonzo si warudi shule. Kizungu iko na wenyewe. Watu wanasoma, nyinyi mko tu kusema mnatutawara.

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