UHURU/ RUTO paid us to give RAILA media blackout and cover Jubilee! Top editor reveals

.. media industry and it’s now literally pulling strings.

“I know of one media house, whose name I won’t mention, that was paid to cover the (Jubilee) event from A to Z,” said Ohito.

However, he warned of such a move saying it could kill media freedom because Uhuru/ Ruto are literally controlling what comes to the screens.

“The client controls what comes to the screen and that denies journalists the opportunity to interrogate and analyze the issues that make sense to the public,” he said.


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  1. Waste of time and money. Cord we are elites. ODM was streaming live from Mombasa on net. Even the riots in Zimbabwe irrespective of Mugabe muzzling the press, I usually get live coverage. So it's only a fool who can imagine you can stop news flow. Intact I turned off my TV in the house the whole day.

  2. Mr. Ohito thanks for the revelations. We have always wondered if you guys in the media get paid for the stances you often display. So its good to get this confirmation from you.

    Lakini! why not reveal what you and your lot are also paid by the other side because we know the blade cuts both sides. Thanks... mk

  3. Poor millionares,even journalist have entered the game. "Corruption". Look at Congo en you will understand

  4. Maybe you did not get a share of the goodies that is why you are bitter

  5. Those who were paid let them take money and buy plots in Mars.I hear they are very cheap and bigger in size than ours. And you keep on crying media freedom...media gagging... CRAP !!!!!!

  6. He should have spoken earlier. Why now when you have already enjoyed the goodies huh! Hillary Clinton has spent over 120 million dollars for the same and Trump has caught up but at under 30 million. Media is also business run my friend. Uhuru and Ruto are just playing their cards and lets watch this space on "check mate"

  7. Wasit a coincidence that all the staff were wearing either red or yellow.Shame on you

  8. Shame.i even wonder you ever went to any media training because if you did you would know there's something called airtime and further that if i bought space in your media be it a print,radio or tv ,i fully own it and nobody can ride along.mr editor sir deny it that JUBILE HAD NOT PAID for the coverage.let me make easier for you-asks your marketing department to provide you with details and if your media house didnt get the money ask your management where the money paid across the media houses as commercial live coverage fee went. Again wahito shame shame shame be truthful at least for once otherwise by this "revelation"we are justified to conclude that you have never told a correct story as an editor/journalist.

  9. KUMAMAMAMAMAEE ZENU nyinyi mnacomment hapo

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