UHURU KENYATTA is God sent! His mentor, DANIEL MOI, acknowledges and says this.

.. now be able to borrow loans and advised banks not to frustrate Kenyans by denied them loans.

The Central Bank rate (CBR) currently stands at 10.5 per cent and this means that commercial banks will not be allowed to lend at rates above 14.5 per cent.

The new law also caps the minimum deposit rates that banks give customers to 70 per cent of the CBR - Central Bank’s benchmark lending rate to commercial banks.

Most of the banks in the country have already complied with the new law.


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  1. Pumbaff! You owned Trans-National since you were president! Why did you NOT use your massive dictatorial powers to do what Uhuru is doing with castrated powers? Moi bure kabisa!

  2. He's a fucking hypocrite. This bustards are dictators

  3. Ann 15.46 what will aging by insulting a old man. Suspect you enjoy that weed. Nyumba ya matope.

  4. Leave Moi, his cronies and family alone.
    For 24 years as president, all he did was to enrich himself and destroyed millions of lives.
    God will take care of him.
    What goes around comes around.

  5. Thank You Uhuru for capping interest rates, Thank You Moi for chopping off Raila's Balls

  6. Yes mzee moi,may God grant you many years

  7. Mzee Moi we respect you but you failed to reign on banked when you were in power so pleas shut up dont remind us of your misrule

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