UHURU has invited leaders from Russia, China and SA for the Jubilee launch! Even Presidents

Friday September 9, 2016 - Outgoing TNA Secretary General, Onyango Oloo, has said the Jubilee Government has invited foreign leaders and tens of foreign political parties to take part in the Jubilee Party’s launch on Saturday.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, are expected to officially unveil the Jubilee Party, a vehicle that they will use to seek their re-election in the 2017 Presidential poll.

Speaking on Friday morning, Oloo said they..

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  1. What a party of pure looters. All that they do is loot and loot.

    Checkout the missing Eurobond in action looted by them in the launch of they looters clubs, drug barons and tribal kingpins with nothing to offer the country.

  2. season 7 game of Trones aka GOT kenyan version to be unveiled on saturday, today was just a preview of what is to come.IEEELELE IEEELELE TUKO PAMOOOOJAAA.JUBILEEEEREE HOOOOYEEEEE

  3. Hiyo ni pesa ya mwanachi itatumika, what a fuck.

  4. Hiyo pilipili imekuasha sauna anon 11:39.take a significant cold water.

  5. cordiots are crying and gnashing their teeth.they have run scared all the way to msa.all is not lost they have invited foreign dignitaries and leaders from tz like diamond and babu wa loliondo to grace their bash.

  6. Eurobond is a lie that has been repeated many times and people who keep using it even after being discredited by all bodies who investigated the matter just prove that they no real agenda.

    I wish we would use this platform to bridge our differences and make a better tomorrow.

  7. I live to see the day Kenyans will call a spade. Spade despite political divide..
    Why would a normal Kenyan defend our president when all he is doing is using money to take him to state house again yet mwananchi is suffering.
    People should wake up.
    The president won't pay your bills

  8. Anon 1355 kwenda kwa bus za kuguni za odm na ingiza kidole matakoni lakini usikule mafi

  9. Anon 1139 yeleioooo pamooooja yeliooooo pamoooooja tushiiiiikaaane pamoooooojaaaa tukutane kasarani bro siasa ya CHUUUUUUKIIII PELEKEA BABU.

  10. Anon 1139 wapi nduru ya UHURUTO pwiiiiiiiiiiiii pwiiiiiiiiiiii

  11. Where have you been with your stupid comments?.

  12. Fanatic protecting mtu yetu syndrome

  13. Anon 2301 na wewe BABU atakulipia bills?!

  14. Umeme imeregea huko mombasani babu apeane hotuba 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  15. Surprisingly the biggest audience of daily post are educated and jobless, infact more educated than our politician ...to the point UHURUTO has promised his sycophans faliures politicians job opportunity after loosing nominations...please advertise these vacancy straight away so that qualified youths to apply....you shutdown big companies like mombasa based oil refinery..., mumias sugar...just to mentioned a few....you are giving CHINES communist business to supply kenyans with plastic rice which has seen recent raise in Cancer cases like Beth Mugo while killing job opportunities in KENYA . God is watching siku ya kiama utakua peke yako so tende wema kwa inchi ya KENYA

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