UHURU accused of profanity during Ole NTIMAMA’s burial for insulting a man of God

... book of Psalms 105:15, the Bible says

Do not touch my chosen people, and do not hurt my prophets."

But despite this clear verse, Uhuru went ahead and insulted the man of God who was on his duty of preaching the Gospel of Christ to thousands of mourners who attended Ntimama’s burial.

Meanwhile, CORD leader, Raila Odinga’s Communications Director, Philip Etale, has joined the debate saying Kenyans expected something good from Uhuru during the burial of the Maasai leader but nothing was forth coming.

He said Uhuru’s act was blasphemous because even Sunday school teachers advised children that always respect the Man of God regardless of how you perceive them’.


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  1. pst.marangu cornelius

    am a man of God but many men of God are never neutral.even the president is anointed.

  2. pst.marangu conelius, your name berays you...first of all what are you looking for from a political website? A kikuyu has never been neutral politically, so don't talk about neutrality. shame on you posting you full names here, you must be the likes of pst kanyari.

  3. pst. Marangu what mistake had the preacher done to be called stupid? How would you take when one of your listeners call you names such as stupid after your sermon? Learn to tell people the truth.The preacher simply shared how he understood the two; unity and development. He could have been wrong but could be corrected in a better way. To call him stupid was wrong didn't matter whether it was from an angel or from the president of Kenya.

  4. anon 9.29 has unmasked his stupidity big time.he must be one of those heathen cordiots who only sees everything through his tribal prism.what bothers you when one posts thing on their full names?kwani hii site ni ya mamako mkundu chafu nyeusi.why do you talk bitter on kanyari, or he screw your black stinking arsehole.

  5. Give me a break; the men of God should know what to say. If one puts foward a political question, he should expect a political answer. A silly a question the Bible says, deserves a silly answer.

  6. Goodness! Can't people give opinions without abusing others? What do u gain from such?
    Everyone is entitled to own opinions but some of us need growing up

  7. we have lost faith in all preachers, they are all thugs

  8. Let the president apologize to the man personally if in deed he called the preacher stupid. However, will Raila still be looking for mileage with this? What desperation?

  9. So even Kanyari should be respected as a man of God yawa. Basi toeni sadaka ya 310 bila waas.
    Discussion on Unity and development, si hii ni siasa jamaneni. Alijibiwa kihalali, and its his duty to proof the stupid remark wrong, though.

  10. Well said nikiname nickson

  11. I heard what president said but it is not the way it is addressed.He said he respect men of God but said unity must go with development.According to my understanding he was emphasizing on the issue of politician who pretend to preach peace yet they have nothing to over for development and criticizes those who are preaching unity and development.In other word men and women of God lets be very careful when altering word outside the church and especially where we involve politician.They look for vice to use as weapon of fighting the other party. Uhuru is God fearing and that is why during his inauguration regardless of the rules he had to bed it and honour God first.Do not twist his sentiment for hatred.Our president never takes his politic to burial ceremony and when you him talk, something was not going well and as the President he had to put the records right.

  12. Me i just wonder how kenyans argue but when we meet in a hotel we are united with food we eat. We never ask wether it came from Kiambu or western, we eat because we are hungry not angry

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