Twice unlucky! JSC rejects MAKAU MUTUA again and picks a staunch SDA as next CJ

Thursday September 22, 2016 - Renowned scholar Professor Makau Mutua has once again been rejected by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for the position of the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court.

The commission picked the Court of Appeal Judge, David Maraga, who is a staunch Seventh Day Adventist, as the next Chief Justice.

Mutua was rejected alongside ten others who were interviewed for the post of CJ to replace Dr. Willy Mutunga who took an....

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  1. This is a Uhuru Ruto man, Raila kwisha, 2017 election rigged by non-kikuyu-non-karenjin CJ but Kikuyu/karenjin man.I now take this opportunity to congratulate Uhuru/Ruto for winning the election in advance.Raila try again ,you will be 77-78 years old in 2022 and 81-82 in 2027. Usife moyo jalibu up to 2027 and then give up then and then.

  2. Makau mutua, not even a kenyan citizen with no kenyan ID, not paying kenyan taxes, how did he expect to be appointed over other Kenyans? A homosexual as he indirectly declared on national television? Surely? Are Kenyans blind and deaf?

  3. He needs to learn how to control his mouth first

  4. Makau Mutua who swore to commit suicide if Uhuru was not jailed by ICC; did he expect he would get the job and slight the President from the inside?

  5. Anon 17:06

    You must have just come from an early lunch.How many diplomats are working in Kenya? Do they have Kenyan IDs ?? The only thing you cant be is only the president or... Live and die in Africa ???

  6. I used to despise this guy b4 esp when he used to do columns with nation but after listening to him answer questions recently, i bet there was no one better than this individual, academically, professionally and in wits. Its only that ICC angle and the fact that his predecessor was a kao that dealt a blow to him, but honestly speaking he is a far better CJ than incoming Kenani. Congrats to Maraga and future aspiring cjs, unachofanya leo kitakuja kuwa msingi baadaye. Let me wait for the next Presidential petition coz i know 70+1 of ruto is a facade, hii ni kenya bana! we nid peace

  7. A man of God and not a devil worshiper.

  8. Michaelmutunga, this is a self confessed kenyan, we expect him to have an ID and pay taxes like all others unless u r like him and u don't pay taxes

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