Trouble as BAHATI ‘unseats’ UHURU before RAILA and ‘seduces’ his wife in front of him - Treason!

Sunday September 11, 2016- Celebrated and award-winning gospel musician, Bahati, caused a stir yesterday during the launch of the Jubilee Party that was presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto.

He unseated both the President and Deputy in front of thousands of Jubilee delegates and millions who were watching the event on TV.

Bahati removed Uhuru/ Ruto from their seats of power and sat on them to the utter surprise of everyone.

Uhuru/ Ruto’s security detail were also caught unaware and didn’t know what to do even though the lives and powers of the post powerful people in Kenya were ‘in jeopardy’.

However, they restrained themselves from causing a scene to avoid spoiling the day for Uhuru/ Ruto, who themselves didn’t look so worried or bothered about the incident.

And to make matters worse, Bahati even went ahead to seduce Uhuru/ Ruto’s wives, Maggy and Rachel, and forced them to..

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  1. Could have been an innocent move but should not be allowed shows how easy it is for any stranger to get to the president....very dangerous....need I say more?

  2. Bahati is playing a very dangerous game but good thing is that he knows what he is doing. On seeing Jaguar take His excellency Uhuru and Ruto to dancing to his music, Bahati knew that he had to take away all the fame. He should be prepared for such stuff because in future, he may not get invitations to great events like these and more. Humility will take you far and wide. It is not always about winning. Losing can teach such great lessons in this life

  3. Nxt time let them perform far from the presiz podium...utoto...

  4. If there is a next time that is...

  5. Can we have a change of arrangement in sitting of these presidents. Security at the front and not at the back only. It looks like ant tom dick Harry and terrorist can come and just do anything...need I say more? Very dangerous. Shows a major security lapse...this guy should have been held by the belt and microphone thrown out...

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