Thought UHURU is working? See MAGUFULI make guys urinate on themselves in VIDEO

.... couldn't give a plausible explanation.

Magufuli has vowed to root out corruption and has been busting and firing Government officers not doing their job on the spot since he succeeded Kikwete as the President of Tanzania last year.

Watch the video below.

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  1. This is what it will take for Africa and Africans to move on. We Africans do not respect our jobs, we do not respect our systems. All we want is to inconvenience the computer systems so we can eat nyama.

    Someone has to be hard on us Africans, for systems to work.

    Magufuli wants system to work for his people.

  2. They make sure the computer is not working so that they can eat. Just like Waiguru corrupted the IFMIS and said somebody stole the passwords.

    Kimwanamuke Kimwizi cha Uhuru.

  3. anajifanya ana njua kanzi sana

  4. The only way to deal with Africans is to micro manage them like ndugu Mugufuli.They never do anything right.

  5. The only way to deal with Africans is to micro manage them like ndugu Magufuli.They never do anything right.

  6. It is only Kenyans who are impressed! It takes very little to tickle Kenyans, always putting themselves down.

  7. Wewe unangoja nini hapa si uwende huko mkaishi na yeye usijaribu kutuletea utafauti.

  8. Will he be everywhere every time? That's like tilling a hundred acres of land with a hand hoe. He must be very analog.

  9. The African is corrupt through and through



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