This is why ailing MWAI KIBAKI was sneaked into the country like a thief on Saturday.

... return was executed with perfect and discreet coordination to guarantee the retired President and his family’s privacy.

No media was allowed near Kibaki and his family.

Sources said Kibaki’s family wanted privacy and that is why Reece Squad, GSU and other elite units almost locked the airport when Kibaki was landing from South Africa.

On Monday and Tuesday, the former President spent the day at his Muthaiga home with close family members including his siblings. 

Another source said that Kibaki has fully recovered and it is just a matter of time before he starts roaming in Nairobi’s streets.

“He has fully recovered from the ailment and it is a matter of time before he embarks on nation building activities,” the source said.


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  1. Then whatis the main reason for sneaking in ?

  2. So what interest did you have in his manner of returning to the country? The media was busy, very busy at the ODM birthday in Mombasa and at JP's birth funfair at Kasarani Safaricom stadium. It was an opportune time 4 the retired president to enjoy his privacy with family and friends. The nosey media can give him a break! Why don't you go trail more useful stuff than gossiping?

  3. Mzee Kibaki is so far the best President that Kenya has had and so please use polite language when writing about him. "Roaming in town" is too harsh a language to write about mezee Kibaki.

  4. He is the reason Kenya almost went to war in 2007/8. Sworn in at dusk at statehouse like athief. Writings on the wall. Live by blood and di... by blood. The end justifies the means.

  5. What was the reason to be sneaked like a thief???you daily post bure kabisa

  6. @ Anonymous 7:24..... So that the grim reaper (Raila) does not start making calls at him like he did with Ntimama, Saitoti, Jacob Juma, George Thuo..... All who were his blood sacrifices

  7. anonymous 00.37 you rock, cant stop laughing...........

  8. You people respect no one i doubt whether u respect yourselves,you are just masses of fresh,mzee deserves respect from all kenyans,he did not cause war in 2007 it was caused by u greedy people,no wonder ur now stealing everything including from the dying

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