There are no mature men to marry me in Kenya - RAILA ODINGA’s daughter, WINNIE.

...setting where people are either in church or out drinking or something especially people our age.”

“And I do not go to the bar [sic],” Winnie 

She also said her mother, Mama Ida Odinga, has been advising against dating men she finds in a bar.

Winnie, who has a degree in Political Science from Drexel University, has been in United States for a number of years until she returned to Kenya to manage her father’s businesses.


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  1. Wait and you will be inherited.Like father like daughter.You see no good thing in Kenya maybe you will see in hell.Useless prostitute

  2. You gotta stop reposting these same ol' shit Daily post. She said this a while back.

  3. she is an old mama now may she decides to be a sponsor

  4. He will have tinga to convince, the man who catches the girl's eye.

  5. Can she be married to me as a second wife? Drop her digits here!!!


  7. And do you go Church or you are like your dad who doesn't? So you are surviving on sponsors or you are a sponsor yourself? Even your elder sister married and then divorced. Your late brother divorced his 1st wife. Your dad has been "divorcing" so many political parties. I agree with you that the upbringing of children in the Raila family has a problem.


  9. No problem, there are mature men in space. So go there. Non sense!

  10. I think baboons are more mature, try one sweety.

  11. One eats snails, now Winnie thinks Kenyan men are not mature what is she doing here she had better go back to the USA.

  12. Too proud for nothing and of course who can marry you!!! You are useless as your Father Rao!!

  13. Ujinga nayo? Guess it runs in the family.

  14. Insulting Kenyan men for nothing. All men are the same, whether in USA or your village. Grow up and get a man to give you children. Start living and get off fantasy.

  15. Who can take a ng'etai for wife? Does that mean over ten million men none of them is mature enough? You are the problem, aloof, arrogant and misplaced. There is room in Mars.

  16. pride comes before a fall. you will die single

  17. Problem, can't believe in marriage. like father like son

  18. This is one anynymous foolish desperate hater who has no idea of the hell is talks about.posting many comments.keep your hate with it you are the one who will go with hate to your grave in hell or heaven

  19. runguthu..

  20. why no one sees you in usa the next she will say that no mature men in the whole world kweli njaruo njinga

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