The late MUTULA KILONZO’s youngest son MUSAU shows off his hot girlfriend (PHOTOs).


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  1. To you fools, anything slghtly fair skinned is a beauty lol. Look at that nose.

  2. acha wivu ndogo ndogo za umama @12:44

  3. How is the conclusion that the young Musau Mutula's son is flirting with is a stan beauty even though we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? This is just propergating trash just to adore the young Mutula because of his late dad's wealthy status.

  4. Enter your reply...Kekekekeke....
    pua kama ngumi!!!!!

  5. Musa is a grownup man now and can exchange his body fluids with whoever and whever he feels like.

  6. KINO, NI KINO black or white yellow, bora umwage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. so kwani ni sifa na nimalaya kama wanawake wengine.

  8. you should ask your self or musau mutula if she knows to cook and if not peleka upuzi mbali.

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