SONKO makes JOHO’s cars look like toys as he unveils his branded guzzlers ready for 2017

Friday September 9, 2016 - With the ongoing craze by the major political parties flossing their wealth and showing off their might in terms of campaign machinery, Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko doesn’t want to be left behind and has become the first Jubilee politician to launch his own campaign vehicles in readiness for the 2017 General Election, where he intends to run for Nairobi Governorship on a Jubilee Party ticket.

Sonko unveiled his Jubilee branded cars, most of which are fuel guzzlers, yesterday and the cars are expected to hit Nairobi’s streets beginning tomorrow after the official launch of the Jubilee Party.

Sonko’s Jubilee branded cars come after Jubilee launched its own fleet of Prados which are causing mayhem on our roads even before 2017 and losing former Prime Minister Raila Odinga some sleep.

The launch of the Jubilee cars prompted the Opposition, led by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, to also launch ODM branded cars and buses to counter Jubilee.

But with the unveiling of Sonko’s Jubilee branded guzzlers, Joho’s ODM cars have ...

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  1. Drug money!

    Why do people vote so such useless souls to any public office?

  2. Sonko is our man. Good job for Team Uhuru.

  3. Thats our next governor doing it that keep it up

  4. Haters gona hate but sonko will vote for you and you wil win the governor seat

  5. Nice one sonko..waiting to see those guzlers in thestreets

  6. Show them how u roll sonko..thats. our next governor doing it big

  7. Compe ni noma .team sonko all the way

  8. SONKO am a kikuyu my vote is yours.wewe ni wetu!

  9. this man sonko deserves to be the next Nairobi governor to teach kidero how to deal with the poor

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