SHOCK on RUTO! Rift Valley leaders vow to do the unthinkable to him after Jubilee launch

... making disparaging remarks against Lonyangapuo. (If you missed the leaked video, watch it here>>>>)

The politicians gave Ruto an ultimatum to publicly apologize to the Senator and to residents of West Pokot, failure to which they will frustrate any attempt for him to visit the region.

Led by County Assembly Majority Leader, Simon Kalekem, the politicians condemned Ruto for provoking the community by undermining its elected leaders.

“If he does not apologize, then he should know that he is not welcome in our County,” said Kalekem.


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  1. just a bunch of foolish mcats.

  2. very cheap MCA who are local politicians and the DP is National leader who made a mistake and now the mca are like cry babies

  3. very cheap MCA who are local politicians and the DP is National leader who made a mistake and now the mca are like cry babies

  4. MCAs in Kenya are just soiult rascles. I have no idea why they think they are equal to the National Assembly and the Senate members just because they are elected by voters. Their education level and roles are not comparable at all. The Salaries Commission should trim their pay level abd allowances/benefits. Their political imaturity is major concern. No wonder they haven't succeeded to impeach a single governor in the may attempts on rocord across the 47 counties because they rush in passing judgement without proper adherance to the laws.

  5. MCAs all over have surprisingly shown how imature they are politically. No wonder they have not succeeded to throw out any governor by impeachment. This threat to the DP sounds childish. It reminds me of a child who is panished by a teacher at local village town for bad behavior in a local market. The child throws tantrum and walks away crying in shame swearing that the teacher is hence forth a wanted man & should never dare visit the child's home. The assumption that MCAs are equal to MPs just because they are elected leaders as well is tottaly misplaced. The MPs at the Senate level are University graduates and at the National Assembly are at least 'O' level certified and cover the entire county and constituency respectively. The MCAs in their marity have a lesser accademic qualification threshold and only cover a single ward each. In a single constituency there could be as many as 25 wards. I hopw MCAs can now do the math and embrace the reality. In fact, Kenya MCAs are grossly overpaid in relative terms.

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