See what NTIMAMA told ODM’s MEMUSI to do before he died in sleep - This was unexpected

... that’s the best place to be.

“I tell people that the mzee told me ODM was the right party for me,” said Memusi.

The ODM legislator stated that he would support party leader, Raila Odinga’s candidature come 2017 and urged the Maasai community to do so in memory of their long time leader Ntimama.

“We all know that the late mzee was a very strong supporter of ODM and we want to keep his vision going,” he added.


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  1. Nonses.This guy wants direct nomination by Raila.You will be voted out

  2. Nonsense. He has learned how to lie from his master.

  3. He is among the rejected ones come 2017. Not here not there. Team mafisi.

  4. Story cooking like raila never play with dead person to make happy your masters ,you will never see Parliament again , you better start doing your previous jobs,big lier njinga kabisa

  5. Eti njinga kabisa. Ooh. Like in Njenga.

  6. any recorded conversation to support his lies?

  7. tell them the truth. Use the correct words ntimama used so that these critics can understand.

  8. jubilee nyongwa eeeeeeee nyongwa,bure kabisa.

  9. thats my MP> very proud of you and our party of choice ... ODM

  10. If it is what he agreed with the departed-fine. If he is lying, The Maa people know that it will not be long before it catches up with him as Raila goes on with his life. RAO will forget about his foolishness and Uhuru with the big heart will take him in even after letting him down publicly lol

  11. It is only a mad man who can stand at a funeral to lie about what he was told by the dead. those memusi critics are mad people by just throwing punches at him yet he may not have prepared to record the conversation between him and the late to prove that mzee actually said it. learn to remain silent instead of throwing stones at someone who could saying the truth or even lying. leave the truth to God.

  12. People are funny,they should have told us when Ntimama was alive.What we know and saw was that Ntimama showed the MAA community the political part to follow by taking them to state house and by extension to Jupilee.

  13. Reminds me of a lie that a brother has been peddling in affidavits that our late father told him that I was not his real sister! This is despite the fact that my brother was some 500 miles away when the old man died. Ntimama is gone, there is no proof he spoke to any one regarding political parties, let those who are living chart their own way. Do communities need kingpins to make informed choices? Just vote for the leader who has a track record in development and not empty rhetoric

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