Salvage what you can and run, UHURU/ RUTO are mortgaging your country (MUST READ)

By SHADRACK MUNYESU (Nairobi Law Monthly)

The country has been borrowing about Sh40 million per hour that adds up to about Sh1 billion every day or Sh30 billion per month… (The Standard)

“Government has been borrowing about Sh355 billion every year, an amount that is enough to construct about 10 Thika superhighways every year… this borrowing that has pushed up Kenya’s outstanding debt by Sh1.065 trillion in the last three years to hit Sh3.4 trillion… (The Standard)

“…Uhuru oversees signing of Sh15 billion loan from China at State House… A Sh4.8 billion grant was for the construction of the Foreign Affairs ministry’s headquarters while a $1 million (Sh102 million) grant was for support in hosting the on-going World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference” (The star)

 “…Treasury data shows that by March 2015, the Jubilee administration had borrowed Sh874.5 billion between 2013 and 2015, overtaking Kibaki’s regime, which borrowed Sh738 billion in his last term…” (The standard)

“…Sh340.5 billion from external sources. Another Sh229.7 billion will be borrowed from the domestic market… A Sh118 billion loan from China to fund the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)… At the current borrowing rate, every Kenyan child born next year will have to shoulder a debt of Sh71,000…” (The standard)

“…The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank raised the red flag as early as last year on Kenya’s growing appetite for debt…” (The standard)

“…China now owns more than half of Kenya’s external debt…Kenya secured a $600 million loan from china last week to help towards paying for a $6 billion budget deficit that the …

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  1. Unfortunately, the kenyans you are trying to wake up are still in deep sleep and are not going to be woken up. They have to wake up in their own.

  2. Who doesn't know the bias those who tried to put UHURUTO in jail have on anything that the team does. Mtachoka!!

  3. That's propaganda.munyesu is an odm propagandist and a member of the cord's evil dream team.don't fool us with your lies.

  4. The money is being put in good use,munyesu do u want Uhuru to use Jomos money to develop Kenya?stop UAR nonsense!

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