Salvage what you can and run, UHURU/ RUTO are mortgaging your country (MUST READ)

….. most promising of tropical states, wasn’t it surprising that hardly six years on, saddled by huge debt, a food shortage that had spiralled out of control and the ever-rising taxes, that Africa’s virgin land now was on the brink of bankruptcy?

Leadership problem

Ghana’s biggest problem had been its leader and, judging from his reaction, he must have known this. A good man to start with, with grand yet genuine ambitions of transforming Ghana into an industrialised state, Nkrumah had recklessly stumbled from one project to another seemingly driven by personal instinct and the grand novelty of an idea rather than its economic viability. He had overlooked the interests of the simple man, the peasant, choosing instead to focus government resources of expensive undertakings such as the mechanising state farms.

Simple necessaries such as elementary schools or even a pharmaceutical plants to heal the burgeoning drug shortage were overlooked at the expense of factories, shipyards and steelworks that he personally sanctioned, not to mention a huge set of concrete silos that were rendered unusable on completion. Actually, they never popped up on his “to do” list but even when they did, he always preferred the option that cost ten times as much.

Anyone with a bribe and a big idea could foster partnership with Nkrumah (Ghana). Then, as yours truly is doing now, some protested but that didn’t deter him for simply, they were “enemies of progress”; neither did a looming cash crisis or anything else for that matter.

Indeed, when domestic coffers ran low, he simply turned to the East for a loan, not caring about the suspect commitments he let Ghana into as collateral (at one time he even lined up a state carrier complete with a fleet of jets to fly to destinations such as Cairo and Moscow for which there was no demand. These planes became the…

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