Salvage what you can and run, UHURU/ RUTO are mortgaging your country (MUST READ)

….. personal taxis of government officials at the expense of the taxpayer).  Ghana become an import state – a problem only worsened by the inefficiency and corruption of the battalion of cronies he had handpicked from his CPP faction to oversee his developments.  Naturally, his projects couldn’t stand and as, one by one, they collapsed, he followed them into the abyss of Ghana’s forgettable histories.

50 years later, in faraway Kenya, it is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta’s turn – a laptop project against a teacher and classroom shortage; food insecurity against low maize, cane and coffee prices for peasant farmers; food insecurity and lax imports against an embarrassment of a project in the Tana Delta; immaculate highways against a tipping public and external debt balance; national unity in the Jubilee Alliance against a reward mechanism in incompetent tribal appointments, not to mention a National Assembly that has prostituted its oversight role on the altar of quick cash and party politics! Hardly does history repeat itself in such exact margins.

As we cheer on the sand castle he is building, we should remember that, while the Chinese are always at our beck and call with “cheap” yet easily accessible loans, their dictate is often that this money will be spent on Chinese labour and Chinese machinery. 

Over and above the normal monetary payments, our friends from the East have been known to insist on China-friendly policies and other market concessions as preconditions – even payments for their loans. Simply, China pushes us to take loans she knows we will never be able to pay before it fills our markets with cheap Chinese commodities, which, unless we pay back, we can never have the moral or legal authority to throw out. 

It is no wonder therefore there is Chinese fish in Kisumu, Chinese mitumba, gadgets, “naturalised” Chinese ajua experts in Nyanza and the rising movement of cons and randy highway constructors that we can never deport.

The truth behind China’s extensive generosity is simple…

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  1. The admission by the president that, "you keep salivating as we eat meat." Is a clear indication that the affairs of Kenya are not run by the spirit of nationalism but by selfish egocentric and juvenile impulses.

  2. Mbona hamjacomment hii???? Motherfuckers

  3. Some sources say the wealth Uhuru has acquired since coming to power is more than half of what they had since his dad reigned.
    It tells way alot

  4. Motherfucker ni hate speech, Kaparo is coming for you bro

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