RUTO will never forgive OBAMA! He was mistreated like a thief at Intercontinental, New York

.... frequent screening by police who were guarding the UN building and the hotel where he was staying.

In one instance, Ruto was almost thrown out of Inter Continental New York Times Square Hotel after he refused to be screen and searched.

Ruto had just arrived from a UN meeting when security staff ordered him to accept to be screened and searched.

He refused and this forced the no nonsense security to bar him from accessing the hotel.

He was later allowed after he agreed to be screened.

Over the last one week, US authorities have ordered all hotels in the country to be on red alert and screen everybody including Presidents and Deputy Presidents.

This is after Sunday’s bombings where 29 people were injured after terrorists planted bombs in different places in New York and New Jersey.


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  1. Pole sana. That's how it goes in the land of opportunity.

  2. Once a suspect always asuspect.

  3. Lol Ruto wanted to be treated like a boss.In New York they stop and frisk black people all the time.

  4. The US knows Ruto is a criminal under the ICC Hague but is free courtesy of killing all witnesses to be set free so this should not be contrued by him (Ruto) that he is an innocent Human Being

  5. By your own second last paragraph this article is self-defeatist, to say the least!!!

  6. ujinga nayo he thoat he was in kenya,apeleke ukale mbali,hiyo New York sio ya mamake ama babake.

  7. Yes here you are our DP in USA do you think they value africans ?

  8. what does ruto thinks he is in usa, just a usual suspect

  9. You are not special than others.Buda style up

  10. Kumbe hats uko ubombiwa???

  11. The article says they were screening all presidents and deputy presidents

  12. Stop talking noneses over our Dp that's not new in usa maubwa nyiyi

  13. He should have contacted RAO before complaining. Raila is strip searched every time he's in the US. Reason....looks very thuggy, doesnt matter the credentials on his passport, or "relation" to obama!

  14. Kwani who is ruto to Obama? Even if you don't forgive him is that really a problem?

  15. Who's ruto to Obama? Even if you don't forgive him is that really a problem?

  16. Leave our deputy alone jinga nyinyi

  17. In US everyone is screened,your title doesn't mean you are above the law, Kenyans Should emulate for security reasons

  18. What is the non-issue here?

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