RUTO warns UHURU to stop wearing his KDF uniform because it is now starting to irritate us

Wednesday September 28, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta donned his CiC military uniform on Monday when he welcomed Jordan’s King Abdullah II who was in the country to grace a joint training exercise between Kenya Defence Forces and Royal Jordan Special Forces.

Uhuru and King Abdullah were both wearing military uniforms as they witnessed the military drills between KDF and Jordan’s Special Forces at Embakasi Garrison, Nairobi.

This is not the first time Uhuru has been in military uniform.

He has.....

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  1. Admin stop writing some issues, as far as I am concerned Isaac Ruto is just some stupid Bomet farmer and not the president of this country, na kama hamutosheki kwendeni muunde nchi yenu we are tired of verbal diarrhea coming from this Mau kipsigis warrior, time is coming and we know it when he is going to declare.....

  2. Wacha wivu pumbavu wewe

  3. I have an idea of WHICH Ruto does not want to see him in C in C uniform. Personally, I have sambazad his pictures in uniform to all my friends and relatives outside the country. He should be in uniform more often. He looks.... COOL.

  4. Isaac Rutto; you are becoming petty in your issues.

  5. Moi never wore Military uniforms but would chop off balls

  6. Isack stop attacking our presso sura nyani wewe Uhuru is C/C of our good country not empty headed governor like you

  7. Coward Governor Ruto , i am very sure that even your wife is not scared to see the commander in chief,Armed Forces chief Commander in Armed forces uniform. So tell the Bomet people,you and who else is scared. Bomet guys, you chose a guy who get scared by military uniform, how can he represent you. Get him out of that office quickest possible. Get Laboso in, she is a woman and not coward, not scared by anything. Big Mistake in Bomet,Isack Arap Ruto.

  8. Is this the same Ruto that was all over the place for governors to fly the national flags on their cars ? What is this double standards or amnesia ?

  9. Mwanamke Subiri Uvuliwe, Usivue Mwenyewe
    Kuna tabia fulani kwa baadhi ya wanawake mnapokua faragha kukimbilia kuvua nguo, badala ya kusubiri kuvuliwa na mpenzi wake.
    Jamani zile steps za kuvuana nguo zina raha yake na msisimko wa pekee, especially kutoa jeki, kufuli na boxer.
    Nashangaa mtu mko ndani dakika nyingi mtu amevua nguo amevaa taulo.
    Ikishindikana basi baki ata na kufuli kushusha kufuli ishara ya ushindi hasa inapofika kwenye magoti na visigino.

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