RUTO warns UHURU to stop wearing his KDF uniform because it is now starting to irritate us

....done it more than once in the past and this seems to be bothering a section of Kenyans including politicians.

The first to criticise Uhuru is Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto, who said the President is instilling fear in Kenyans by wearing a military uniform.

Ruto, who was appearing on NTV on Tuesday, said that Uhuru is sending a signal that he is a military President and Kenya is not a military state.

“As Kenyans we love our civilian authority and we have ordered ourselves in that direction.”

“We are scared of any looks of military rule or even any posturing that gives us a remote imagination of that,” Ruto said.


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  1. Wewe isaac wacha wivu

  2. Even his height intimidate you, ask him to cut his legs

  3. your boss LOP wore it only once on 1.8.82. Never again!

  4. Kalejin na tribalism

  5. If Ruto has nothing to say he had better shut up. Suppose we tell him not to carry that 'pregnancy' he swings around?

  6. isaac kula tu kwa macco na uache stress


  8. do u need a pair? idiot.

  9. I support Isaac Ruto if your eyes are closed you don't see and you don't think kibaki style is on the way keep on your eyes closed you will ses when time comes

  10. mko scared mkiwa na nani? we feel safe akiwa hivo

  11. while big and medium minds discuss ideas and events respectively simple minds discuss people, what a pity Isaac

  12. U can wear bomet kanji Askari's uniform are their C in don't have to feel intimidated Mr jealous governor.wivu itakuua


  14. We love him in that uniform. Who are you speaking for? Its rather childish for you to talk like that Ruto.

  15. I dont have a problem when he graces the function of the forces he commands while in uniform.come on ruto,we dont criticise everything,thats duty.

  16. If Isaac Ruto wants to wear the uniform, then try hard to be the president of Kenya. Those are the priviledges of becoming the president.

  17. Then who should wear that attire....he's the commander-in-chief you thunderhead

  18. Stubborn Ruto is an old dog that does not know when to buck!

  19. He never got to wear it, talk of salivating. Uniforms are all over since independence, is this the high time Ruto is getting scared. The empty brain is the devils workshop.

  20. always full off hate.


  22. Nonsense. Alafu si his name is RUTTO with a DOUBLE T.

  23. So you recognize that UK is head of state

  24. governor Ruto the President is the Chief commander. Period. Has been that, it remains that.Whether he wear the uniform or not. Go President Muigai wear it more and more.

  25. Issac, you said "we are scared..." Tell me ,you and who else are scared ?

  26. Get Real! He is the Commander of the Armed Forces and has the body for it.

  27. Ruto has suddenly become Uhuruphobic; if he was appointed vp he would suddenly become Uhurumanic. Kenyans are chameleons, changing colours with the situation at hand.

  28. if our presso wears that uniform what does it got to do with wivu tu mavi ya kuku wewe

  29. All the above are Kikuyus? Wacheni ukabila!! No human being is perfect even if he happens to be Kikuyu and also the president.

  30. this is bull shit........kwni anataka pia kuvaa io uniform,,,,this people need to mature up bana

  31. haki that ugly man with too many teeth is saying what jinga type too primitive to even contemplate

  32. If Uhuru had worn Military fatigues at Ntimama burial, Raila would have shown more respect for Uhuru and ofcourse not milked the dead with lies

  33. Haki anapendeza akiwa na hizo uniform,prezzo keep it up na ufunge masikio uendelee hivyo hivyo....Mungu akupe maisha marefu...amen

  34. Beautiful uniform for Commamder In Chief. This is idle talk, jelousy and lack of brain. Imagine Isaac in such a uniform!!!. The potbelly would look like pregnancy.

  35. President is the chief commander of Kenya.What is wrong for him wearing it and it is occasionally. Gentleman think broadly.

  36. There is nothing wrong, Uhuru is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

  37. Ruto has nothing useful to do or say so he just keeps making noise. He meant no harm. Uniform mashinani.

  38. I Rutto should have now recognized that H E is the Head of Republic of Kenya at least

  39. what is he fearing and we know him even during Mara cerebration almost exchanged blows with Hon Duale

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