RUTO reveals what RAILA and his men told him after he supported UHURU for President.

... you support the son of a former President?”

“You mean there are no other people in this Kenya who can be leaders except the Kenyattas?” Ruto said.

“My position was, and is, that you cannot penalise Kenyatta merely because his father was a former President,”

“You should look at Kenyatta as his own man.”

“Ask if he is capable or not.”

“It is the same way we should look at Ruto and not judge him that your father was a poor man, so why do you have money?”

“That is primitive and backward.”

“We should be even-handed,” said Ruto.


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  1. I totally agree with Hon. Deputy President. Bush the father and the son ruled America and Americans had no problem. Clinton the husband ruled America and now the Clinton the wife is likely to elected president. Mzee Moi came from a very poor family and ruled Kenya for slightly over 24 years. Raila himself, his father was the 1st VP of Kenya and he (Raila) served as a PM. Examples are endless.

  2. kusema na kutomba

  3. well put out my dp. mature politics.

  4. I thought this guy was telling Gideon to support him because he supported his father. Kigeu kigeu.

  5. So now the CORD fraternity will not respond to this because they know its the truth

  6. this guy is a thug who stole from his own country,kill is people and grab there land.

  7. It is questionable how he acquired wealth so much weslth in just 4 years as a civil servant. Whereas, many hard working middle class stay stuck struggling for years.

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