RUTO hits out at UHURU for ‘Kula Nyama’ remark in NTIMAMA burial! You are a big fool!

.. improving devolution so that we too can enjoy meat at least thrice a year,” Ruto said.

“It is unbelievable that there are people who eat meat from morning to evening yet here at the grassroots we only eat meat once a year; on December 25,” Ruto added.

The Governor was infuriated with Uhuru over his utterance at the funeral of former Cabinet Minister, William ole Ntimama, when he told the CORD leader, Raila Odinga, to continue salivating as Jubilee continues enjoying meet.

“How can we salivate when we do not even have saliva because of lack of water?”

“We do not want the Government to eat meat on taxpayers’ money, they should improve budgetary allocations for Counties to better the lives of the locals,” Ruto said.

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  1. I.Ruto should first stand b4 a mirror and ask "why are his clothes growing small to cover his tummy" when he has neither meat nor ugali not even mboga to eat at least just three times in a year? It's simply evident who eats from the devolution kitty and who doesn't. Kenyans are long past that level of deceit and faked politics bwana I.Ruto!

  2. They want devolution money to eat meat that belongs to Kenyans. President moi was very clear when he warned against this constitution change of devolution. See the fruits!!!!

  3. Hahahahahahahaha giki kimundu ndi kiendete muno,giticunaga matina na ngui icio ingi

  4. Doctors recommend vegetables for healthy living.Do not stick to meat topic,that was politics , move on. Every village has chicken and too can eat.Blessed day

  5. I wonder where some people went to school. The president was using a metaphor in the meat issue. If you took it literally, then go and slaughter cows for the whole nation if you the capacity. We know Isaac Ruto hates the president. We cannot change that but he appears cheap and he does not understand the working of the government. In the first place the president does not come from a poor background like him. It is him who would be 'eating meat on tax payers money' given the chance. Does he want to pretend he is an angel?

  6. joyce laboso is the next govener for BOMET COUNTY, and we are actually waiting for tat day wen our office will stop being used for fucking desperate ladies looking for jobs. we will do anything tat can be done by human juz to get rid of the village dog

  7. Ruto is a failed entity what does he have??? He is always asking for money yet he does not show what he has done with the little he gets kwenda kabisa

  8. How did we pple of Bomet elect such an idiot? This is the last he is being a governor

  9. Why do politicians think we r fools? We know what UK meant - he meant POWER not NYAMA - ss hols

  10. From the physical look of Governor Ruto we can see how starving he is,he should start by explaining to his subjects in Bomet all the fraudulent deals he has been associated with before looking up at the presidents eye. Who told him pres Uhuru is so poor he cannot bafford a kilo of meet? Upumbavu mtupu.

  11. isack has nothing else to think .he can't even sell his party to others people but to dwell on simple joke from the prezo.

  12. Isaac Ruto, you are fat and has a foul mouth! Look at yourself in a mirror, you can not tell the people that you have no food! How did you become obese, to that extent, if you have no food or water?
    Bomet, brothers, come 2017, please remove this baboon!

    " Arap Ruto, I abusan we missing! "

  13. I always suspected there was no brain in that head and he has confirmed it now.

  14. He is the worst Governor Kenya will ever have. Power got into his head. Bure kabisa.

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