REVEALED! This is why UHURU cancelled his trip to New York - RAILA ODINGA in the mix.

.. requested anonymity, revealed the main reason why Uhuru cancelled his US trip at the eleventh hour.

Using an African fable of the frog and the buttocks, the State House source said, Uhuru refused to go to the US after he realized CORD leader, Raila Odinga, was also scheduled to leave the country to Germany on the same day.

The source said every time Uhuru travels, Raila always follows him.

In April when Uhuru went to the UK, France and Germany, Raila also organised a trip to UK and France, a thing which left Kenyans knocked for six.

"In short, Raila always follows Uhuru to wherever he goes especially to Western countries, to show his supporters that he is still the ‘Head of State’ as he lies to them wherever he visits their villages," the source said.

“There is an African fable that says foolish competition caused the frogs to lose their buttocks and this is what caused the boss to cancel his trip," the source added.


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  1. Nonsense stop telling people garbage

  2. The cancellation of the trip is in order and it saves Kenya big money. The NSIS should gave known the ODM chief to travel to Germany and this excuse a nameless and faceless source is just hot air. The reality is our president is a well respected leader across the globe and anyone in doubting this should seek quick professional help.

  3. Uhuru like king of Africa you can't compare him na burukenge raila shame on you mafi

  4. Remember the ICC case is still open and the facts are there. Kenyan has even tried to get out of ICC without success. Waiting till he's voted out then they pounce on him. Watch this space.

  5. I wasted my time reading this nonesense

  6. To hell with him. Ruto had fun instead. May he cancel many more......

  7. Useless politics, style up. Who is Raila to make Uhuru not take his duties as the head of state. Who is this who doesnt know Uhuru is the president of Kenya. Away with your shallow politics.

  8. The truth is that Uhuru caught feelings after Ntimama's funeral and decided to stay at home catch pints and kula nyama hapo Kenyatta market which is named after his dad.

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