RAILA’s ODM blames UHURU over power failure during their political celebrations in Mombasa

... about 45 minutes, forced Raila to deliver his speech at an adjacent venue, which was meant for the party's night celebrations. 

The blackout incensed ODM supporters who accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of being behind the blackout.

“Jubilee is watching this event live and timed the blackout to occur just when Baba wanted to speak,” shouted one of the over 50 ODM MPs who attended the celebrations. 

However, a statement from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) stated that power supply in Mombasa had been stable and reliable throughout the day contrary to allegations that the blackout was intentional.


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  1. Really? Someone needs prayers. President Uhuru is KPLC now?

  2. Ati uhuru now owns KPLC, these idiots need more than prayers! Mara podium inaanguka, hata hiyo ni uhuru aliangusha ? Get a life NKT!!!

  3. you blame uhuru after depleting power tokens? a party that cant afford a power backup plan is dead

  4. The Mombasa based celebration of 10 yrs of ODM's lifevwas all Knee jack reaction by Ali Joho to get public attention and appear to be Raila's heir apparent for the 2022. Joho didn't strategic plan to attend to operational problems, such as abrupt power loss, and arrange back-up options such as a generator. Tha's how any plans is a whaf do not make sense.

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