RAILA is a hypocrite; he should also talk about corruption in Counties - Taita Taveta residents.

.. blame the Jubilee Government over corruption yet they are not talking about corruption in Counties. 

“Corruption has denied Kenyans opportunities to grow economically.”

“Raila should also take to task Governors and MCAs from his political side.”

“They have been mentioned in Auditor reports for failing to accounts for public funds.”

“This is hypocrisy and undermines the spirit of devolution,” Saleka said .

Another Taita Taveta resident, Alfred Kasenge, said.

“It is a visit that seems to have no impact on the residents of Taita Taveta since Raila couldn’t address the high level of corruption surrounding our County Government.”

“He went ahead to sell the ODM party, which is becoming difficult to buy.”


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  1. Surprisingly many Kenyans are now aware that cord campaigns are being funded by the governors at the expense of county development projects.That's why babu cannot talk against corruption in county gvts.

  2. Raila is a beneficially of corruption at the counties headed by Cord Governors.Dont expect him to cut the hand that feeds him.

  3. He is even more corrupt than his governors, therefore he cannot menion it. He acts holier than thou.

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