RAILA is the best Africa has- MUTAHI NGUNYI strangely gives Raila A+ and C- for UHURU

Monday September 26, 2016 - Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has surprisingly praised former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, saying he is the best Opposition leader that Africa has ever had.

In his latest analysis of the political affairs in the country dubbed A Report Form For Uhuru and Raila 300 days to Elections, Ngunyi, who has never had kind words for the Opposition leader, acknowledged that Raila is the best in Africa when it comes to putting Government in check.

Sarcastically, Ngunyi prayed that Raila continues being the Leader of Opposition because he does it so perfectly by virtue of having mastered the art of twisting the truth into something totally different.

He even gave Raila an A+ for his talent to twist the truth and make it look like a lie, but gave him a D+ for nationalism due to his tendency of fueling acidic pessimism

“He must be confirmed as the best Opposition Leader ever in the continent of Africa. And maybe we should plead to the gods to have him continue in that job because he does it perfectly,” Ngunyi stated during an interview.

“Raila has this political acumen to..

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  1. Perfect analysis Ngunyi. Raila is a gold medalist in activism politics and that is his inherent role if only he could ACCEPT . Activists rarely make good leaders. There is no touch of tribalism in the analysis .

  2. kama wewe ni mwanamke unapesa zako na umekamilika kila idala naunakula nakushiba,ninaimani nilazima utakua nanyege zakutosha,sasa kama unataka kutombana nakunyonyana kuma namboo yani mimi nikunyonye kuma kisimi matiti mapaja nawewe uninyonye mboo namasikio halafu wote tule denda,nakisha mimi nitakunyonya mkundu nakukuingiza dudu nitakutomba vizuri kiutaalaamu mpaka ukojoe shahawa.simu 0791-208787,NIPIGIE,NIKUPE RAHA.

  3. Raila can get A+++ in activism but a D--- as PRESIDENT. He is very unsuitable.

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