PHOTO of RAILA in his begging mission in Germany to finance his presidential bid in 2017

.. fund his 2017 Presidential bid.

An ODM insider says many international organizations are refusing to fund Raila Odinga’s campaigns since he has lost the Presidency three consecutive times and it might be a waste of money to continue funding him.

Here is a photo of Raila Odinga in Germany. 

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  1. old beggars never win

  2. Germans are known to be tough as well as wise. You can deceive some of them once or twice but not all the time. The story of a stolen victory doesn't resonate any more. After all, if you get heifer dairy cow, it's common sense that in a few years, it should calf and give you milk to earn you an income* good enough to give sustained independ'ce but this bloke has always alleged his dairy cow was stolen. Obviously it demonstrates that the fellow is a reckless farmer. That's why the UK and US will not waste their time all listening to him now tha he has nothing to offer them in return for their investment in the cow. It will just be stolen again for the fouth time. Are Germans that dumb even if the chap is one of their nationals by naturalization.

  3. Germans should know this man runs a Ponzi scheme! Which election will he ever win! He pockets 3/4 of funds he collects.

  4. He has to finish the Billion Shilling mini "State House" in Kisumu that he is building. Ever wonder where the money came from to begin with?

  5. He needs funds to finish the "Mini State House" he is building in Kisumu for a billion shillings. Why not ask where he got the money?

  6. i hope he will tell germans what hittler told him before he died.maybe hittler called babu a day before he died and said they (the germans)should always finance his campaigns.sorry,somebody tell me if germans understand kitendawili,if they do then they are cordiots

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