PANIC in State House as JOHO causes a tsunami in Nairobi! See what UHURU did on Monday.

Monday September 19, 2016 - Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho’s meteoric rise in politics is literally giving Jubilee leaders sleepless nights particularly President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto.

With zeal and charisma, Joho has taken a driver's seat in opposition politics and he is taking Jubilee leaders head on.

Joho began his journey last weekend during ODM 10th anniversary in Mombasa when he personally declared that he will head CORD leader, Raila Odinga’s presidential campaigns in 2017.

To make good his threats, on Sunday, buoyant Joho caused a near stampede in Nairobi when he led ODM lieutenants in popularising Raila Odinga’s presidential bid at Masinde Muliro Grounds in Huruma, Mathare Constituency.

Using his youthfulness and his irresistible facial appeal, Joho is attracting supporters to ODM like a magnet and it is just a matter of time before he sends Uhuru and Ruto to the opposition in 2017.

Following Joho’s inroads, Uhuru on Monday was...

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  1. Daily post are you sure Uhuru and Ruto are having sleepless nights because of a mere drug peddler.

  2. Hi ni story tu

  3. A drug peddler like Joho can cause shock at state house????? Rubbish!!!!!!!

  4. Youths in Wajir town are writing on the tarmac road. The writings bear messages welcoming Governor Joho who is touring Wajir today. He will then have an ODM mega rally in the same town.
    Kenyans, let me tell you something. Joho has already sensed an opportunity. Post Raila era, post 2017. Joho wants to fit into the political gumboots of Raila. He is colonizing his political constituency. He is moblizing a following. In a few weeks to come, he will be the coast and Muslim political supremo.
    Thats how a political genius is made. Thats how a political kingpin is born. You dont wait to be anointed. You kick off the game and the anointing will follow you up.
    My senior brothers in Mulembe nation are really pushing Raila to bless, anoint and back them. Mtangoja tu sana ndugu zangu. Wake up, shake your ass and create your own political empire!

  5. The power of Arab money. Joho is reportedly to have received and promised to a tune of 100 billion to take on jubilee so that his friends from arab countries U.A.E can have a market to sell refined fuel rather than bring crude. This is from a reliable source. What i mean is that Jubilee is going to wait for JOHO to go broke but it will not happen. That money is pocket change from the Arab tycoons. That is why you are seeing JOHO doe not input of other CORD affiliation parties because they broke and cannot even organise a single rally out side their comfortable political bases. Early this year you saw JOHO with a brand new Ferrari woth over 30m in mombasa. That was just a birthday present from his arab friends. So jubilee Embrace yourself for bruising battle with One Man JOHO "SIMBA".

  6. The speech that made Obama president : 2004 Democratic NDC. The speech that propelled Joho to the limelight : ODM 10/10 convention Mombasa. About Johos money, Jubilee haven't seen anything yet. You are in for arude shock. The idea of shifting the economic block from Mombasa to Naivasha big blunder. Joho will be oiled like hell. Wale hawaelewi siasa na economic interests in Mombasa have no I dea. Watch the Joho space.

  7. Yes. Very true. Jubilee got it wrong. Even mzee Moi had Sharif Nassir who used to be ago between with these guys at the coast. Lakini jamaa wamopotelea kula nyama tu. Hawana mtu on the ground.

  8. Arab Money my Foot Joho like the rest are going nowhere and believe u me U don't know Arabs like I du u will be shocked.Wacha aendelee kudream na kuuza dawa na kuvunja Familia za watu.That will haunt him for the rest of his miserable life.

  9. Go froward Joho and for those who have excuses that he is a drug peddler shame on you guys at list he came out to speak for 42 tribes not for two tribes like Uhuru and Ruto,Joho speaks the truth and he shows good example to leaders who steal from this country,Arab money mnashinda mkitaja sio ya mama zenu,he is doing business who told your sons and daughters to take drugs,teach your kids morals and good ways and they will never use drugs,Joho thumbs up endelea mbele,its better joho selling drugs and he never steal from poor kenyas tax and land,mwenye wivu ajinyonge.

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