PANIC in State House as JOHO causes a tsunami in Nairobi! See what UHURU did on Monday.

... spotted at Kenyatta market with Jubilee leaders.

Without his usual security detail, Uhuru who looked tired like a deflated tire, made a surprise stop at Kenyatta Market, taking time off to enjoy his favourite delicacy, Nyama Choma.

Sources said Uhuru wants Jubilee leaders from Nairobi to counter Joho’s meeting with a mammoth rally because yesterday’s Jubilee rally at Mlango Kubwa looked like a chief’s baraza and was a major flop and a big embarrassment to the ruling coalition. 

Here are photos of Uhuru enjoying Nyama Choma with Nairobi’s Jubilee leaders. 


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  1. Pays us to attend we need pesa ya nyama, we are salivating

  2. Chief barasa your foot

  3. Too little too late. Joho is the man. Tukutane Eldoret. Nyinyi kuleni tu nyama choma as we salivate na Joho.

  4. Why didn't you take your mother to attend?

  5. i thought joho said there will be two big declaration. where is it. na nyinyi daily post kilaa saa panic panic. just wait and see how we are going to send raila bondo. this time uhuru/ruto are on landslide victory.

  6. Down to earth and huble. Joho's boss never did this in Kibera or Kisumu/Kisauni.

  7. Down to earth and humble. Joho's boss never did this in Kibera or Kisumu/Kisauni.

  8. UK is just enjoying himself. He is being real unlike others who are upto something! Well done Mr. President

  9. Deflated Tyre ni Mamako!

  10. The problem is this nyama choma is only taken by the leaders only did you see the common man there.

  11. Wabunwasi kaa Joho is the one bringing panic. Try to be serious to remain relevant admin

  12. JOHO is the man am really amazed with the energy he has against the jubilee leutenants. RAila was dead but JOHO has single handedly resurrected him. Baba is all smiles and he can have much rest as JOHO is tackling his enemies with heavy artillery bombardment of political energy. Big up JOHO. I had given up on baba but i can feel there is something.

  13. Anon 22:27 "Uhuru is down to earth" thats ok. But!

    We want him to fight CORRUPTION. He promised to do so. But look at wakina Waiguru?

    Let him fight corruption. That is the Number one thing. You know it and he knows it.

    That is why Joho is the best right now. Because he is saying the king is naked.

  14. Kenyans as usual too lazy to read and do research, all the nonsense written depicts what a stupid nation we are.

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