ODM blames UHURU for Moi University standoff with KALENJINs demanding one of their own

... Prof. Laban Ayiro from Moi University the clarion call for the Jubilee Party? The two Governors were at Kasarani and chanted unity slogans, two weeks later, they are doing the opposite. Is this the Kenya we want? Definitely NO.

Uasin Gishu is one of the counties that is so cosmopolitan so how does Governor Jackson Mandago think his constituents who are outsiders feel now? Are they safe? Can members of the Kenyan community not from the local tribe have the confidence to walk, work and sleep freely in that region? 

The other day it was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Eldoret Prof. Teresa Akenga, now it is Prof. Laban Ayiro, surely is it a crime for a qualified person from the Luhya community or any other community for that matter to head a Public institution outside their regions? Why would a Luhya be referred to as an outsider in their own country? 

Does this regime then want us to go back to our home Counties and further they need to tell us if they want us to flush out all outsiders as they call them, from all the public institutions all over the country? We demand that action be taken against the two Governors and the members of parliament for going against the basic tenets of the Constitution, sanity and civility. Their action was primitive and should be condemned by and sundry. We demand that the NCIC follows up this matter further as it amounts ethnic incitement which is dangerous to National cohesion.

Kenyans must stand up against leaders who want to tribalize institutions of higher learning simply because they fall in their areas. We must as leaders learn to celebrate our tribal diversities and tap in to the benefits that come with this diversity.

With such actions, it is now clear that any person supporting the current tribal regime must have their heads checked. The Deputy President needs to apologize to Kenyans since the leaders hail from his backyard. Further the Jubilee government should forget getting any support from western or any other part of the Country. Kenyans are tired of leaders with tribal thinking. 

Thank you and God Bless Kenya.

Hon. Florence Mutua – MP Ms. Everline Nekesa

Busia County MP, National Org. Sec. Nairobi ODM official

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  1. Chama inaingilia wapi hapo?those are people from there,they hv there reasons for behaving like that,so leave Uhuru out of this.

  2. "How does Governor Jackson Mandago think his constituents who are outsider feel" Writer of the article, in reference to above quoted statement from your article; didn't you also refer the constituents of Uasin Gishu as Outsiders? And didn't you ask whether we should go back to our counties and kick out the outsider? The way you have written your article does not need a psychologist to tell that you too believe that there are people in certain areas who can be referred as outsiders despite the fact that they are Kenyans, living in Kenya. Yes you believe that some Kenyans are outsiders in certain areas in Kenya.
    You are not better than the people you are complaining about. I don’t know whether you believe in God of the Bible; but if you do Jesus said in reference to people like you. How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. I condemn some of the language in your article as well as the action of the 2 Governors and the honorable guys who joined them to evict the professor. Remember individual actions cannot be blamed to a political party. Above politics and condemn people with tribble thinking like you (referring some Kenyans as Luyah’s) and the group of people who went to evict the professor.
    You can’t speak on behalf of Kenyans, when it comes on how Kenyan will vote in 2017, which does depend on an individual. You yourself may not vote to a certain candidate but so and so may vote to that particular candidate. Let’s wait for election time, some of us will be shocked to realize who are the people’s choice rather than individual choice.

  3. Can somebody sober approach this issue in a sober manner? Can somebody sober tell sober Kenyans what became of the just concluded interview? The subject matter, Prof Ayiro, was not among the interviewees, who is he? Where did the winner go and why? All those concerned know very well one Prof. Kosgey won, then...? If he is a bad guy, how did he win the interview? Why is he still heading Laikipia campus? Is Moi University a more Kenyan University tha Laikipia University? Don't criminalize the DP for what the Kalenjin leaders said as the DP could have actually sanctioned the unfortunate appointment of the wrong candidate, Ayiro. There are better "Luhyas" who did the interview...well, if it has to be a luhya, Kisii or whatever is not a Kalenjin.

  4. Meno ngiri still harbour old school oriented which Moi fed them for 24 years and it can't go away easily.

  5. Anonymous 21 September 2016 @ 07:56.
    Were you in the panel of interviewer? How many candidates did you interview? Or how did you know that the said person was not interviewed? Can you provide us with facts rather than Rumors (rumours).You can’t say he was not interviewee, not unless you were in the panel throughout the interview and you have the list of people who you and others interviewer, interviewed. Not from a third source. It is then and then you can stand and say WE DID NOT INTERVIEW THIS GUY. We never received application for the job from this guy.

  6. Well said.These leaders truly look stupid.For sure very stupid and their action shows how illitracy can make you do the unthinkable.preventing aqualified kenyan from leading the public institution just because he is from another tribe.


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