ODM is a national party while UHURU/ RUTO’s Jubilee is a tribal party - HASSAN JOHO

... well-defined ideological standpoint from where to engage, rally and mobilise for change. Age has ripened our party,” Joho wrote.

He said 10 years since its formation, the Orange party has fought for Kenyans’ rights especially marginalized communities and was instrumental in making the country have a new constitution in 2010.

Joho also said that ODM advocated for a radical system of Government called devolution and this has helped many Kenyans especially the marginalized communities.

“In ODM, we’ve made freedom a reality to Kenyans. Over the years, ODM has rejected the idea of begging for rights, whether political, social, religious or minority rights.”

“ODM has forced economic inclusion and sharing of our country’s national resources. It is no longer optional. That’s why in Mombasa last weekend, I challenged those who think development is tokenism to our regions to stop allocating resources to counties if that option exists. It does not,” Joho wrote.


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  1. What happens to CORD?

  2. Exactly. What happened to CORD? Devolution has only created egos like this. The poor remains poor. Only Governors have enriched themselves with public funds. And talk talk as if all Kenyans are as foolish as their blind followers.

  3. True. If Jubilee had the common man's intrtest, looters of government money would be prosecuted asap. Corruption still goes on without any foreseeable solution. The feeling I have is that Jubilee just wants to protect their interests and has nothing to offer the mwananchi. Now suspects are going to vie for elective posts instead if being arrained in a court of law . The robber with violence gets life imprisonment while the robber who stesls using the pen or computer is just getting summons. Bure kabisa. Jubilee siwapi kura yangu ng'o!

  4. cord is a tribal party for luos and alshabab extremists.jubilee is now the only national party

  5. Agreed, CORD is a jaluo party and it is the tribal party! Jubilee is the national party. Joho, go to school first and learn English

  6. ODM is a luo party. Rallies can only be held close luo-concentrated points...to a point of being ready to fight for such venues. Joho, you will soon be disenfranchised off your position. Remember, you forced your way into it. You were purely not their favorite. They are certainly discussing you in Germany!

  7. Endelea kumeza mate wakati Jubilee inakula nyama.....Bure kabisa Joho

  8. Joho is only being used by Raila so He can do His dirty job and land at ICC after 2017, Raila did the same to W Ruto

  9. Cordasians are Cambodians, Foreskins and Chicken fuckers

  10. Its a Two Horse race between Uhuru and Foreskin

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