ODM blames UHURU for Moi University standoff with KALENJINs demanding one of their own



It was with great shock when the whole nation watched on national television channels two Governors and a host of Legislators and MCAs storm a Public University to evict a Vice Chancellor demanding that the head of the institution must come from the local community.

This was appalling, barbaric and a step backward to the gains we have made as a nation in terms of cohesion. It is uncouth for people who are expected to be role models to the society in the name of Governors and Members of Parliament to forcefully evict from office a duly appointed public officer to suit their own tribal interests.

It is actually catastrophic for lack of another word to use that two Governors and some Members of Parliament who are supposed to be honourable leading their "tribes men" singing war songs to go and evict a fellow Kenyan from a Government Institution saying he's an outsider? Which Country are we living in now. 

Kenya is home to 42 communities and everyone has a right in law to live and work anywhere in this country. Why is this current regime led by President Uhuru and his Deputy Mr. Willam Ruto sitting back and watching as leaders allied to their party want to take us back to the old dark days? 

Isn’t it a surprise that this is happening days after they launched their party with a slogan “TUKO PAMOJA”? Is chasing away of....

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  1. And how is this Uhurus problem?

  2. the one in mmust is disgusting as this one already rejected. where from are these reject gotten from one wonders.

  3. Tribalists

  4. As usual any protest by a Kalenjin is tagged tribal irrespective of the facts on the ground. Everyone knows an interview to choose a new VC for Moi University has been concluded and Prof Ayiro DID NOT APPEAR in the interview. He is not the first to be selected by some seemingly powerful individuals in the Jubilee Inner Circle. The same thing happened at Kibabii University where Prof Ruth Otunga came tops but was edged out (and is back at University of Eldoret as DVC) in favour of an individual who can be manipulated to acquiesce to Jubilee-connected tenderpreneurs. Incidentally Otunga was a couple of years back denied the VC’s position at Maasai Mara University by the same racketeers. And would Dr Matiangi do the needful and replace the following locals with ‘outsiders’ Prof Muchiri at Karatina, Prof Akama at Kisii, Prof Ndirangu at Kimathi, Prof Magambo at Meru, Prof Njoka at Chuka, Prof Agong at JOOUST, Prof Muluvi at SEKU, Prof Rajab at Pwani, Prof Nyabundi at Maseno etc ad nauseam?. Does he have the guts to do it? The loudmouths blasting Gov Mandago and Tolgos should remove the rock shards from their semi-blind eyes before they attempt to remove grains of fine sand from others’s eyes

  5. "How does Governor Jackson Mandago think his constituents who are outsider feel" Writer of the article, in reference to above quoted statement from your article; didn't you also refer the constituents of Uasin Gishu as Outsiders? And didn't you ask whether we should go back to our counties and kick out the outsider? The way you have written your article does not need a psychologist to tell that you too believe that there are people in certain areas who can be referred as outsiders despite the fact that they are Kenyans, living in Kenya. Yes you believe that some Kenyans are outsiders in certain areas in Kenya.
    You are not better than the people you are complaining about. I don’t know whether you believe in God of the Bible; but if you do Jesus said in reference to people like you. How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. I condemn some of the language in your article as well as the action of the 2 Governors and the honorable guys who joined them to evict the professor. Remember individual actions cannot be blamed to a political party. Above politics and condemn people with tribble thinking like you (referring some Kenyans as Luyah’s) and the group of people who went to evict the professor.
    You can’t speak on behalf of Kenyans, when it comes on how Kenyan will vote in 2017, which does depend on an individual. You yourself may not vote to a certain candidate but so and so may vote to that particular candidate. Let’s wait for election time, some of us will be shocked to realize who are the people’s choice rather than individual choice.

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