NTIMAMA’s daughter exposes RAILA even more - My father was not buried with an ODM flag.

.... Saturday, Leah Ntimama dismissed Raila Odinga’s claims saying his father was never buried using an ODM flag as Raila claimed.

“My dad was not buried with an ODM flag as some people claimed.”

“He was a buried like any other Kenyan,” Leah said.

She also said that his father never spoke to Raila Odinga over the Maasai community supporting ODM in 2017.

She said her dad spoke with President Uhuru Kenyatta only when the Maasai leaders visited State House, Nairobi, where he endorsed Uhuru’s re-election in 2017.


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  1. Tell that to the jubilee moles who have had nothing to say apart from linking Raila to Ntimamas demise since he joked about a call. The same idiots again you will see them here spreading venom again. Kweli masomo ni muhimu.

  2. @anonymous06:37, who are the jubilee moles?

  3. My friend, you don't joke with the departed.

  4. Masomo ni muhimu lakini masomo bila pesa ni ushenzi na Ujinga!! Jubilee and mt Kenya people tuko na hela!!!

  5. Ooops! Do you surely mean it? Raila joked about a call by Ntimama at his funeral for real? This fellow is very sick in hos head.

  6. Raila speaks lies with both sides of his mouth!

  7. Now that people have linked Ntimamas demise to purported call by Raila, is it ok now we link it to Uhurus call. Jubilee moles have afield day.

  8. So you didn't hear your baba make the stupid statement. Rails thrives on lies and propaganda.

  9. 👍🏾👍🏾

  10. F.skin misleads the Mind.

  11. Why was the casket wrapped in an ODM flag in the first place?The family knew Ntimama was in ODM and even helped finance his so called son's campaign in Limuru through ODM.The daughter just want to eat meat and knows there's a good number of Kikuyu voters in Narok and thus capitalizing in it.

  12. Is she Lydia or Leah? Pumbavu nyinyi!!

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