NJOKI CHEGE swears that she will never get married, gives reasons why marriage is “nonsense”

….. explode. It beats me why society pushes young women like me into getting married while common sense shows that the quality of life of a woman nosedives after marriage.

There are very few reasons to get married, and happiness is not one of them. Many people in this country are happy, but married people are not among them. You can’t even tell me that I will get married for coitus because an old wag once told me; “sex and marriage are mutually exclusive”.

The frequency of that thing in marriage is overrated and it is not even guaranteed. Also, my naughty friends will tell you it is “boring”. Oh my God!

Marriage is where brain cells go to die. For the woman especially, her mental faculties come to a screeching halt. Her brain stops to function. Her dreams take the backseat. Her career ambitions are thrust on the backburner. She becomes like a goat tethered to a tree stump. A goat with a potbelly that jiggles while she brushes her teeth.


They forget to bother with their looks, their weight and their dreams and her life becomes all about “my husband”.

All that fat from stress and comfort eating buckets of KFC chicken has pushed their brains to the darkest corners of their skulls and you might as well replace her brain with a piece of cabbage, because that is what marriage does to a woman.

It makes her a cabbage in high heels. She cannot even sleep well at night, she is ever tossing and turning, thinking about her husband who is drinking at the clubs with his “boys”. Ha!
I have taken the decision to put off marriage for as long as I can. I want a long and fulfilling life. Studies show, if you want to live long, simply avoid marriage.

Just look at our former President Moi, ain’t he a silver fox at 92? Whaddya think keeps him so strong and young? I shall focus on my career and personal development.

I know a lustrous career might not cuddle me during movie nights, but at least it will not wake up one morning and tell me that it is leaving me for its secretary who is twenty years younger than me.

That said, should I meet that Meru man who will sweep me off my feet, I shall reconsider. It won’t matter if he is married.

I will simply advise him like I do all my male married friends; “Never let anyone — not even your wife — stand between you and the woman of your dreams.”


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  1. Enter your comment...marriage is a necessary evil .imagine at 50 and single

  2. Enter your comment.Its called, rationalization.So many combination of factors make njoki unmarriageable material. No need to lecture us,its a matter of personal choice as and one should always be prepared for the consequences of their choices.

  3. The name itself betrays you. Njoki. No wife material. Transformer removers, husband murderers etc. Our Akinyis and Agnettas and Aishas and Muenis and Nyambokas make good wives. They make us happy. So go hung. Ni vile tu you haven't been lucky to get a rich one then you plot for his demise you inherit.

  4. She should stop moving around with married men if that is the case then.Why bite the hand that feeds you.Even the so called Moi used to move around with school principals during his dayz.Who doesnt know that.

  5. njoki, who told you that your comments are varied. please keep them to your self. you have met the wrong married women. why generalize. who told you we are unhappy. meeting the unhappy ones does not give you the mandate to talk on our behave. get a life and leave married women out of it. talk to your unmarried ones on your on things tgat will build them. stop talking about something you have no idea of.

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