NJOKI CHEGE “massacres” LILLIAN MULI, No mercy at all this time round (MUST READ)

…. top of your game (and other things) and the next, a potbellied ageing television editor is shopping around for a younger, prettier, version of you.

You are living in a house of cards. Because it doesn’t take sublime talent and ability to sit in front of a camera, the fame and fortune you seem to enjoy are fleeting and could be over even before you say ‘Range Rover 2016’.

Disabuse yourself of the notion that you are a VIP simply because you are photogenic and can read sentences from a teleprompter. There are far more important men and women in this country that deserve the title of VIP but they are not known to treat those below them with disrespect and call them names reserved for animals.


You may not know this, but waiters and waitresses are sometimes just having bad day. You know, like a sick child or unpaid rent or maybe they haven’t eaten all day.

Not everything is about you and honey, the sun does not rise from your weave, no matter how shiny it may be.

What you did, was wrong. And I think that waiter deserves a world-class apology from you.
Kenyans on Twitter may support you because they are bunch of vain, middle-class losers and hatemongers, but the truth is, you were on the wrong this time and nobody deserves that kind of public humiliation. Whether or not they are waitresses with ‘an attitude’.

Finally, I have given this advice here before – desist and resist from engaging bloggers to tweet fictional nice things about you. You seem to be following hot on the footsteps of a man-childlike advocate who is known to contract cheap bloggers to do the dirty work for him.

You are a good woman, a mother even. You still have a bit of mileage left on you, so use the little time you’ve left on screen to do a few good deeds. That waitress you humiliated would be a nice place to start.


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  1. Good advice! great mind!

  2. True. Remember when a chameleon changes its colour to match the background on which it is crawling, it does not become part of the background.

  3. she was wrong. period.
    Lilian you should apologise.

  4. Am sorry to use the example of once an adored news anchor L. Otieno....where is he now? Or God forgive your child can be a waiter coz I know of guys whose parents were very rich.

  5. hapo ulimsho fiti,its good t help out a sister in distress hata kama hajui

  6. Njoki have some manners.you are worse off than Lillian.guess you just don't know yourself.I guess Lilian could teach you better.

  7. Njoki you dont deserve to be addressed as a lady so you can guess your title

  8. Njoki you should look at the mirror first before you lecture lilian.you are not worth adressed as a lady so can guess your title.

  9. Njoki my all time favourite girl. Always speaking the truth

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