NGUNYI sacrifices WAIGURU with new revelations - She told me this when I blew whistle

... NYS.

“In four occasions, I wrote to Waiguru telling her that I suspected the system in place was not suitable.”

“I said money was being lost in the system.”

“But she told me categorically that my job at NYS was not to fight corruption,” said Ngunyi.

The political scientist noted that he could not expose Waiguru and her fellow thieves at NYS because he had signed a non-disclosure agreement after landing a lucrative tender at the institution.

“I wish I could have shouted them, but I could not.”

“I had signed a non-disclosure agreement when I landed the contract.”

“I could not go public at that time, that’s why I am talking now,” he said.


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  1. Enter your comment...Rubbish...... how could you not reveal the bad things? Conspiracy?

  2. He ate with her/them anndnow he is crucifying her/them.

  3. Who's paying Ngunyi to finish Waiguru?
    Why is he talking now?
    They are both corrupt and should face consequences

  4. The ghosts of the past will catch up with him.

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