Never insult UHURU! See how ODM’s AISHA JUMWA is in deep trouble with her ‘family’

... Jumwa should stop disturbing him.

However on her part, Jumwa says that she is the most loyal ODM politician from the Coast and she deserves the Malindi Parliamentary seat.

She says being a Women Representative is a junior position and she wants to be an MP so that she can help Malindi residents.

In June this year, Jumwa made headlines after she was arrested and detained at Muthaiga Police Station for almost a week over hate related charges.

She came out as a hero and she is now aiming her arrow at the Malindi parliamentary seat.

She has also been insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta as if he is her husband.


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  1. Mama hiyo haraka yako utazima kuwa mpole

  2. Jubilee blogger peleka upuzi mbali and if you dont have nothing to tell kenyans why dont u find something important to do or come i give you work to do,it seems your to idle and kenyans dont want to wast time with your stupid idle chatter.mpumbavu wewe

  3. Stupid journalism

  4. This is the last time i visit this stupid site. Ghafla it is from now on.

  5. Tunajua nii kwanini analetwa Karibu na "Baba", na mtu kuhakikisha ako safari zote za "ODM" his sio siasa ni kazi tu ya "K" Street, Kama amolewa ajiadhari sana na hawa watu wa Kismu, watamtumia na Aachwe kama Millie na wangine kama Shally Gosgei

  6. So Jumwa anameza mate kwa kiti ya malindi?

  7. maturity is critical. cant imagine some one who went to school is posting such comments. it is of no value to our beloved country

  8. Welcome to ODM, CORD, etc.

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