NAMWAMBA’s take on UHURU/ RAILA public spat at NTIMAMA’s burial - This is unbelievable!

... mourners that Ntimama called him after State House visit and assured him that he was still in ODM saying the former PM should respect the dead and not lie against them for political expediency.

He also criticized Uhuru for letting Raila get into his head and losing his temper to the point of saying things he ought not to have said at the funeral.

“I think that both Raila and Uhuru should have been more responsible to avoid such a scenario taking place,” Ababu said.

“Both the President and Raila made mistakes and should not have gone at each other in the manner they did,” he added.


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  1. makende wewe mkundu wazi what advice can you give ..go and tell that to your prostitute coasterian wife ...mimi ndio nil bikiri

  2. Namwaba,don't blame baba,just because he kicked you out of ODM and CORD. He was right and UHuru was wrong,Period.Karenjin's and Kikuyu's think they have brain,yet they use mucus to think.Baba use brain. In German preparing to take over.In 2017 we will have a thinking president Raila.Kikuyu's and Karenjin's are two tribes that have no brains.

  3. Anon 14;40 Uh uh, symptomatic of mtu mwenye anaeendelea kumeza mate:)

  4. stupid kizee thinking president old nasuser

  5. True Hon. Namwamba. Kenyans need to learn how to accommodate each other without abusing one another. it is sad that people have turned this platform into a place of abusing others. we need to check our tongues.

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