MUDAVADI is a thankless fat man who has nothing between his ears - RAILA’s ODM

.... exercise restraint.”

“There was no need for the juvenile exchange at such a solemn occasion.”

“I was both ashamed and embarrassed that these are people Kenyans vote for,” Mudavadi said.

Following his statement, ODM leaders and supporters ganged up against Mudavadi for attacking the opposition deity.

The leaders referred Mudavadi as ‘a thankless fat man who has nothing between his ears’.

Here is a statement from one ODM supporter.

“I am literally left wondering. I suspect there is someone in the office of Musalia who is hell bent on urinating and sprinkling the urine of stupidity on the political path of his boss. This man was called upon by Raila to speak. We all heard what he said,” he said.

The supporters said Mudavadi should have thanked Raila for giving him an opportunity to speak during the burial instead of insulting him.


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  1. cordiots are masters of doublespeak,has mdvd turned to be a liability instantly?some weeks ago he was to be the flag bearer of cord now you want to skin him when he tells his observation. babu hijacked the funeral to lure him and the cordiot leaders to himself by giving them a chance to can fool some ppl some time but not all ppl all the time.

  2. Mdvd is spot on. Raila had spoke his thoughts on TJRC report at the requiem service. He didn't have repeat himself at tge funeral. The Mau forest matter is on the agenda for the government. The late William ole Ntimama and other Maasai elders had discussed the issue with the president at State House. I have no doubt in my mind that the water catchment will be restored by the state. CORDLESS pressure dogs are just barking to be heard to be protecting their master in the hope they rewarded with direct nomination to contest in 2017.

  3. Mudavadi, kwenda na AMANI

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