Millions of Kenyans are dying of cancer because of UHURU’s silly mistake of a reshuffle

... way beyond the reach of many Kenyans".

Even the Sh 500 cost of one radiotherapy session at the Kenyatta National Hospital can be prohibitively expensive for poor Kenyans who live on a dollar or less a day.
But what is the main problem affecting cancer treatment in Kenya?

According to blogger Robert Alai, President Uhuru Kenyatta should be blamed solely for the cancer deaths in Kenya.

Alai says Uhuru made a mistake by appointing Cleophas Mailu as the Health Cabinet Secretary.

He believes Mailu has a stake in most major private hospitals in Kenya and that is the reason why he cannot improve public facilities.

Mailu is said to have stakes in Nairobi Hospital and Nairobi Women’s Hospital among other private hospitals.


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  1. thats too bad.Mailu must go.many doctors have side hustles in private hospitals and thats why they cripple services in gvt hospitals to make a killing in their private institutions.only God will save poor kenyans from these greedy health providers.

  2. This is not true in fact cancer treatment is less than 20k in Kenyatta for both chemotherapy and radiotherapy,I being a witness when I have been bringing my aunt last year december to this march where she was treated on time precisely with well organized oncology team under the leadership of Mr.Mucheusi.Mailu stay part and continue with your good work,thank you very much.

  3. INVESTIGATE THE REASON WHY CANCER HAS INCREASED SO MUCH IN KENYA. Since cancer is not infectious, let a thorough search of the dieseases root causes be found and then tackle these causes/
    To me cancer is rising in Kenya because of people using FAKE MEDICINES, CONTAMINATED FOODS, POLUTED WATER DUE TO DAMPING, USE OF DRUGS, FAKE FERTISISERS USED BY FARMERS, FAKE FAKE FAKE EVERYTHING ALL DUE TO CORRUPTION AND LACK OF MORAL VALUES. Tacke lack of moral values, greed, corruption etc and cancer cases will fall PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ESPECIALLY WITH CANCER. Do not blame the President blame most Kenyans for corruption and lack of moral values and care for others.

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