MARTHA KARUA abuses UHURU for calling RAILA ODINGA and telling him to retire.

... reject them during the 2017 General Election.

But in a quick rejoinder on Tuesday, Martha Karua, who is a close confidante of Raila Odinga told Uhuru to shut up and added that he doesn’t even qualify to be President of the Republic of Kenya (PORK).

Here is what Martha Karua said.

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  1. He mentioned Raila, Kalonzo & Weta.....pilpil wewe apana kula inakuwasa nini?

  2. And who is she? Useless.

  3. It is important when it come to Leadership & Management that we learn from Nature, going against nature is all in vain. As with all animals, when a younger animal takes control of the herd, the older retires and what follows is that no older than the present stays in the herd, this is the case with the famous "Mohawk", this is what is disturbing Raila, He should just accept that it the time for the young, being ODM or Jubilee. How do you unseat your children when they have taken up leadership, you simply sit and pretend to give them advice of wisdom. Am a young grandfather, I sit aside and watch, throw one word or two once a while and am enjoying it, there are goodies that come with it too, AND SURELY, AM ENJOYING IT TO DEATH. RAILA, KALONZO SHOULD DO THE SAME, Weta can still try his luck, my advice.

  4. How old was Kenyatta Sr when he was the president?

  5. Some political big mouths are so useless they cannot get past nominations in their home counties leave alone attempting to advice Uhuru. They should learn to advice themselves in the first place. Since she looks like a qualifier, she should enter the race and make a spectacle of herself.

  6. Martha Karua should not even be opening her big mouth. How many votes did she get in the 2013 elections. she should go back to the drawing board and strategize on her political future. Leave politics to the real owners.

  7. Woman just go back to,Gachugo there is nothing you know in politics Uhuru has a degree in political science and that is where you get stuck, just let the few who understand this be, wewe huwezi even if moon changes to sun.

  8. she has no manners ... pastor wamugunda by the road side surely

  9. Why do we crucify her for her opinion? She is no scholar to take up Uhuru and she is just expressing her rights. She played the game a few times against RAO when she was in Government so...I rest my case

  10. How OLD is Martha Karua? This woman has had inexplicable sex scandals..she is not worthy to lead even a County Ward.

  11. As earlier asked...... How old was his father(Mzee Kenyatta) when he was rulling Kenya. The president & his deputy are so arrogant & proud. They think they will rule this country forever

  12. A county? Probably a 'parish'(Wamugunda's).

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