MARAGA is a State House ‘gate keeper’ and UHURU/ RUTO’s puppet - Civil Society claims.

.... now they are sitting on a team to appoint a person who will rule on the 2017 and 2022 election petitions in the Supreme Court,” Wainaina said.

Wainaina also said most of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) members serve the interests of the State at the expense of Kenyans.

Wainaina said the few left in the team cannot operate independently since Executive appointees are crowded at the commission. 

“When you have persons from one [ethnic community] heading all security arms of the Government, it is clear you are up to something not good for Kenyans,"

"This team is loyal to you and not ready to serve the interests of Kenyans but the master somewhere." he said.


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  1. Wainaina you are enemy of progress, who are you in Kenya just a bullshit and mad man let the JSC do its work kichwa mukembe,maranga is not Kikuyu or kalenjin as you want to say,

  2. OK, so what???.

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  5. Oh..Wainaina, Really? Your choice Mutua didn't make it?

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