LUPITA NYONG’O shares a PHOTO of her grandmother that has stunned the world.


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  1. professor anyang nyongo surely is that the sofda set you cud afford for your mother

  2. Ni professer jinga

  3. Hahahaha...
    Anywei amazing

  4. umejipatia haibu,kwa hiyo house na sofa set ovyo,stupid lupita.

  5. Professor Nyongo,these is proof you have never given back to the society.well,its not too late,start with your dear mom.

  6. @21:01 Vanity is obsession with trivialities of this world. Irrespective of the cost/ design, a sofa set/ whatever it is should serve its purpose.


  8. After spending all her fortunes to make him a professor i expect a better sofa set and a decent house not a single room like a student in a hostel.

  9. To me it is just a typical kenyan home. Most homes look like this why pretend?

  10. Shame on all the nyongos. With all the money yet this poor woman lives in a shack!!

  11. its not about the sofa or the home or the house its about the grandma either reading or holding the vogue

  12. if it was an exam anon 11:25 ndiye angelipita peke yake others r so out of the box

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