Leading male socialite, EZEKIEL MUTUA, insults a man who criticized him on social media

…. a Facebook user by the name Lemchidid not sit well with Mutua, who resulted to insults in broken grammar leaving many Kenyans questioning not only his integrity but also qualification.

Lemchi wrote:

“Excuse me, a government official bragging about a THREE MONTHS visa? Unbelievable. So what should people who have multiple entry visa do? This is mediocrity. And I find utterly shameful that some folks here are celebrating this. This is demeaning to not just Kenyans but the entire continent of Africa.”

To which Mutua replied:
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  1. Bloody fool himself

  2. Did this Mutua guy go to school? His english is pathetic!!

  3. Kenya is paying the price of illiteracy and inflated ego through this kind of civil servants.

    mutua is an jackass, what would happen if those details on his visa are used by a Nigerian bad guy.

    wewe mutua tumia akili yako bwana, muthutioo kitimba kii

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