KHALWALE proposes Prime Minister’s position in CORD’s matrix - RAILA will celebrate

Wednesday September 21, 2016 - Ford Kenya Deputy Party leader, Boni Khalwale, has proposed that CORD coalition re-introduces the position of Prime Minister ahead of the 2017 General Elections.

Speaking in Parliament buildings on Wednesday, Khalwale said that this would allow candidates who do not become flag bearers to get a negotiated position within CORD.

"Ford Kenya proposes the coalition reserves a negotiated position within the CORD government for..

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  1. What part of the constitution don't these firimbians not understand? You need to change the constitution in order to do this and they do not have the numbers. They think it is just as easy as sitting on the tarmac for several sittings and being beaten by riot police like last time? Endeleeni kumeza mate jinga nyinyi na hizo mafirimbi zenu

  2. Sounds funny. a kind of Government that suits Cord. Raila for President, Water Melon Vice & then Weta P.M. So selfish. This is like building the tower of Babel. Kenyans are not stupid & Cord wouldn't be there forever.

  3. Raila's gimmick. An exercise in futility. Tengeneza nchi yako uweke sheria zako. This is Kenya governed by learned men & women not jua kali artisans

  4. Tired of this baba. Always coming up with something irrelevant - together with his team

  5. Gabbage & full of scrap. Whatever system you come with on board you guys will never rule this country.

  6. Khalwale the big mouth again on behalf of Ford Kenya? Useless scrap

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