KALENJIN LADY threatens to kill her baby if she doesn’t find a man to marry her.

.... urgent physiological counselling before she unleashes her madness on the innocent kid.

Here’s what she posted on facebook and left many people worried.


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  1. No, it's called Psychological and not physiological help. You too might need some.

  2. jaribu ndio utajua mtoto ni wa sirkali c wako.. bure kabisa

  3. to all those people who care someone should do somethink fast we can start by where does she live

  4. Very sad indeed. That kid should be taken to child care. The mother to mental assessment.

  5. Where is the man who screwed you and mimba pap, I can marry you provided bado kinembe iko if ur are FGM victim i can marry such a witch...talk to Mr. William Ruto aka PUWA kubwa kama matako

  6. You are selfish and don't deserve to be married.

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