KALENJIN is the most tribal community in Kenya! Worse than KIKUYUs! See what they did

... want Education Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi, to immediately appoint a substantive VC for Moi University, based on merit, arguing that it is wrong to appoint an acting VC when the university council concluded the process of recruiting a new VC and forwarded to him names of three individuals. 

Mandago also argued that Prof Ayiro is an “outsider” and it is only a Kalenjin who is supposed to fill that post.

The Governor said Prof Isaac Kosgei is the one who should be appointed as the University’s VC since he performed well during the interviews.


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  1. Upuzi. Why should outsiders even teach. Close all campuses that are located 'outside'. Nkt.

  2. Kalles meno ngiri wako hivyo.Tribalism tupu

  3. That is how they will claim the rest of us kenyans as "outsiders". Are there not kikuyus luos maasais working in other parts of this country i.e Mombasa and they have never been labeled outsiders? what is so special in rift valley that others cannot be accepted to take up appointments given by the government CS?.. Recognize authority and respect the rest of Kenyans please

  4. Why should you quote Kalenjins as tribal when readers can feel tribal polarisation on the ssame news....please if you are intrested in informing kenyans do so factually and we the readers will give the stand from the facts....AVOID giving tribally sided news

  5. I am a mkale with a brown 'jakit' and i totally abhor this plan by these seemingly idiotic leaders! I have been a victim of such mentality elsewhere and i can say for sure it ain't a pretty thing. Why should we then have faculty from other communities in the lecture halls? Why indeed should we benefit from the expert services of surgeons, engineers, lawyers et al from non-kales? Hii ni ujinga drum mzima. In my book on siasa, hii ni kama kupeddle incest eti wakale washirikiane peke yao na pia kila kabila washirikiane peke yao. I feel like puking mursik all over the brains of these brainless wanasiasa. Kama mimi Matiang'i, Ayiro awe confirmed mara hio hio. Kwani watafanya nini? Ng'ombe ya kipgaa yenye sikito badala ya maziwa, Puh!

  6. Tribal mongers are at it again. When will this idiotic thoughts of tribalism be deleted from our minds. Of all the people in that group, I never expected GV. Madago to be among the tribalism war mongers asking one of their own to be the VC Moi University.then let only Kales be students at the university. Shame! shame! shame!

  7. Akina nani si wakabila?
    Jaramogi, Garisa, mombasa etc.
    reshafle all of them.

  8. thats nonesense

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