Jubilee MPs laud UHURU for scolding RAILA ODINGA like a child in NTIMAMA’s burial

Friday September 16, 2016 - Just a day after a public spat between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the burial of veteran Maasai politician and former Cabinet Minister, William Ole Ntimama, on Wednesday, a section of politicians from Mt. Kenya have defended the President over his diatribe against Raila.

Speaking yesterday when he visited a school in his constituency, Kiambu MP, Jude Njomo, said Uhuru was right in shutting Raila Odinga up at Ntimama’s funeral.

He noted that he..

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  1. Good job President Uhuru!!!!

  2. Sio poa na ilikuwa kwa funeral mtongoria u should show restraint hiyo ilikuwa wakati was last respects and a send off to departed and again consoling the bereaved family

  3. Uhuru was the one embarrassed because Raila was with the people . Maasai wako ODM

  4. Mama Jude Njomo tell me what you are going to do about the TJRC report insteady of dwelling on anon issue. What about mau conservation. These are issues which came out prominently at the burial. Me and you know that Raila and Uhuru are buddies but you are taking it personal. This message is not just for you but your ilk too. People who see where they standing only.

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