JOHO finally speaks about his alleged affair with KTN’s presenter, BETTY KYALO (VIDEO).

.. KTN on Monday, Joho denied having a relationship with the beauty queen and urged the rumour mongers to keep off his private life.

The flamboyant Governor said after the rumour spread like bushfire, he called Radio Africa’s management and urged them to stop poking their noses on his private life.

Joho also said the rumour was politically instigated.

Here is a video of Joho denying that he is Betty Kyalo’s sponsor.


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  1. Kwenda wife snatcher, kibogoyo hizo pesa xa madawa zitaisha tu na utakubali Kenya iko nawanaume sio wake za watu

  2. There's nothing, NOTHING!! cool about this Joho fellow. But Kenyan women being the cheapies they are, anyone with some coins is mwaaaah. I thank God a gat ma own money, can therefore afford to be chosy and haughty.

  3. Jubilee is a club of homos

  4. Uhuru is also a drug dealer because he has money

  5. Governor who has no respect for marriages. You spoilt the beautiful news anchor with drug money. your days are numbered...I believe one day you pay for the wrongs you've done.

  6. Wages of flaunting drug money with Onkari's wife is a bullet in the ass,I hope Joho lives to get paid in full.

  7. He hasn't denied it..stop lying..

  8. Who saw Hon. Joho with Betty?
    beba mkono juu
    Kenyans can you stop spreading rumours on peoples private life

  9. Joho nakuunga mkono, uuza madawa za kulevya kabisa, tomba hao wanawake na mabibi za watu kabisa. Twende joho. chuma ichape

  10. pliz joho teach me how deal with narcotics,i want quick riches 2.for sure I know betty kyalo mkudu has lost viginity kama joho diye sponsor.jh chapa hiyo rasa kabisa u compensate hera zako

  11. wooooi betty wetu,u r lost.of all the other pple uliona joho tu?saa hii am sure kashimo yako ya kutoa mavi inakaa kama karai,pole we know hukujua

  12. Fed up already? It must be a nasty piece of work.

  13. Enter your comment...shida iko wapi

  14. Useless kenyans,u have told us about joho now tell us urs....

  15. i hope mkipelekwa kwa court you will tell the judge where or give evidence about the drugs Governor is selling,if you are a true christian why don't you have something better to do.mind a bout your life my dear.remember the 10 commandments.


  17. Sometimes huwa munanifurahisha surely....kwani hata kama Joho is a friend to Kyalo wapi shida?si hata nyinyi mtafute wenu,,,,ATI mara DRUGS...we ulimuona akiuza hizo DRUGS or ni RUMORS tu ndyo huwa unaskia...wachane UWIVU jamani...NOBODY amekushika mkono usiwe na pesa....after all mnaumwa na anazo hizo pesa ...nyinyi mna gapi??????????????BURE KABISA....WACHANI kuspoil Majina ya watu jamani

  18. yaani sisi iko natafuta bwana mtu ingine hapa inatupa yeye inaenda kwa sponsor?? immaturity/mummy girl thing is so costly. unajiona all hot and all men praising your looks from tv screen yet no man is camping at ktn begging for you hand in marriage, and soon the same men will claim that you are 'too old' for tv? get your life in order the earier the better

  19. hapo sawa umegonga ndipo.

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