“It’s good they learn a lesson”- PHEONAH eacts after LILLIAN MULI assaulted a waitress.

... even at home between spouses or towards your maids.

Cut the act and embrace reality; she is human just like any of us.” Pheonah said.

The former reporter claims that waiters can be so rude at times and that’s why they need to be taught a lesson like the way Lillian Muli did.

She has feelings just like me and you so stop acting all surprised!

Sometimes these waiters can be a handful and it is good they learn a lesson.

They have no idea what demons someone is fighting so they should be professional. #AttitudeWachiaDictionary Am out of here” Pheonah added.

Lillian Muli has received a lot of backlash from Kenyans after the video surfaced online.


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  1. Eti LiLian Muli KANENE. Think this' one of the reasons why Kanene had to let go.Lilian was drunk. I was there. In fact what was posted is just atip of the ice berg.

  2. By the way Citizen should do something. We stopped watching 9 o'clock news. She is a disgrace. You never spoke for Nancy Baraza when she was haunted out of office over anon issue.

  3. Who is Pheonah

  4. iT'S not as bad as you put it

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